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David Bruce

David Bruce

Bruce serves as an Aubrey Police Sergeant as well as the lead pastor of The Vine of Providence Village. A Marine Corps veteran, David and his wife Jill have two sons, Chris, currently serving in the US Navy and Dan who is serving in the Army National Guard as well as being a working police officer.

Check out David’s page for thought provoking articles about everything from life as a police officer, father, pastor, Aubrey area citizen and much, much more. David captivates his audience with a perfect balance of passion, humor and down home southern charm.

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Roy Magno


Roy has lived in Aubrey since 2000 with his wife and three sons. He has been very active in politics and served on Aubrey city council as well as Mayor of Aubrey. He accomplished his goals, including terminating the Mayor’s salary, lowering taxes and paying down debt. With his goals met Magno did not seek re-election because, “politics should not be your career, it should be an interruption to your career.”

Stop by Roy’s page for a straightforward and in depth look at what is happening in the city. Please send all correspondence to Roy Magno directly at


Kaitlyn Wofford


Kaitlyn is a junior at Aubrey High School with an interest in journalism, genetics, and zoology. She is involved in Denton County 4-H and enjoys volunteering with several North Texas zoos. She plans to attend Texas A&M University and become a veterinarian.

Check on Kaitlyn’s page for what is happening at Aubrey High School.


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