Former Councilman Chris Rich On The New Apartments Coming Soon

December 17th, 2019 by

At tonight’s Aubrey City Council Meeting, Deborah Goin, Gary Hammett, and Oscar Pearson voted to approve a zoning change request to allow a 135 Apartment complex to be built in Aubrey behind Sonic and Point Bank. In opposition to a zoning ordinance that requires multi-family be 1500 feet from other multi-family, while the apartments behind Taco Bell are closer than that. Also after 2 months and 4 public hearings, where City Hall was standing room only, where only 1 person spoke in favor. And the P&Z board made the recommendation to Council to deny the request. The total disregard for the Aubrey taxpayer is disgusting and these three Council Members should be ashamed of their actions.
If I were on P&Z, I would quit to avoid wasting my time in the future, since their input is ignored!

Thank you to Dewayne Brawner for listening to the taxpayer. It has been noted by all who were in attendance.

Write your council members and let them know what you think of their actions:
Even if you want to thank him for standing up for you

Also the Mayor is