Help Feed-A-Hero on Christmas Day

December 18th, 2017 by

Jim Searles, founder of Feed-A-Hero, understands the very limited options available for food on Christmas day as a former first responder himself. Searles points out, “It’s not a fun day to work. If you didn’t go ahead and have someone cook you dinner beforehand, you pretty much were relished to a convenience store hot dog. And on Christmas, that just isn’t that great. It’s not that great on a regular day… let alone Christmas!”
So in 2014 the Searles family decided to take dinner to a fire station in Denton and invited the police to stop by and grab some food there as well.

All it took was that one dinner to spark a community of action.  Searles organized volunteers, asked friends and neighbors donate items and to share fridge and freezer space. Now they are planning on serving over 1,400 meals to the first responders in northern DFW on Christmas Day as well as another 150 on site.

This year’s distribution point is going to be Valley Creek Church located at 2221 S. Loop 288 in Denton, TX. Preparations will begin early Christmas morning to ensure all meals are deployed out to police officers and firefighters/EMS to allow them to enjoy a great lunch. Feed-A-Hero has a group of volunteers and sponsors who gladly give up their Christmas mornings to celebrate the relentless service our first responders give every day.

How can you help?

Additional volunteers are needed for the actual deployment of the meals. If you can assist in helping deliver to even just one location, it would be of  great help. Jim shared with us that it has been amazing to watch this grow and see that many of his volunteers have made this event their family tradition. They start out thinking they will bless others and find that they have been blessed by the experience themselves. Here at Aubrey News we are firm believers that the heart of a volunteer is huge and they seem to be the happier among us. If you would like to help deliver meals you can sign up here or send an email to

Help Spread The Word

First responders are encouraged to tweet out photos with the hashtag #feedahero and tagging @feedahero on Christmas Day for opportunities to win prizes and gift cards. Feed-A-Hero needs you to help spread the word and businesses are encouraged to contact Jim if they would like to donate a gift card for that purpose.

This year’s distribution list is always growing but currently will service the city police officers, county sheriff’s departments, DPS Troopers, and all fire/EMS personnel in Denton, Tarrant, Collin, Cooke, Wise, and Dallas Counties.

All local Denton PD, Denton County Sheriff Deputies, Denton based DPS Troopers, and any fire and EMS personnel can stop by Valley Creek church and eat on site,

Additional agencies that would like to be included this year and following years should contact Feed-A-Hero for more information.

There are still opportunities for local businesses to sponsor this event and information can be found on their website.  Donations can be made via Paypal to anytime 24/7.

Media will be invited to be both onsite at the distribution center. Interviews are available now as they prepare for this event and on Christmas Day.